Limitless Leather Wireless Charge

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• Portable fast charger includes power cable. Charger pad is built from Microfiber leather. 

• Safe and stable Dual-core chip, safe fast charge: With Built in smart recognition chip, rapid and sensitive response. Automatically stars wireless fast charging mode when the device is identified, which supports fast charging. Match appropriate voltage and current, stops when fully charged. Does not Overcharge or damage battery.

• Effective and environment: Conversion rate up to 70% with the WPC and QI standard technology. Almost equal with wired charging. Auto stand-by when fully charged. Better for energy saving. First function of the latest WPC and QI standard which can intelligently recognize metal objects so as to avoid the system over heating or overloading

• Safety technical design provides built-in overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit protection. Besides, non-slip ring set in the charging area prevents phone sliding and non-slip pads set on the bottom of the charger can avoid.